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Whole Grain Pasta

EDEN 100% whole grain organic pastas are made from the entire grain. Small batch, freshly milled Eden selected organic whole grain, purified water, artisan craftsmanship, and slow steam/air drying is used. Organic vegetables and seasonings are added to some.

All Eden Pastas are packed in reclosable, recycled, and recyclable boxes. Each has an Eden kitchen-tested recipe on the back with a photo of it prepared. The boxes are color-coded reflecting the percentage of whole grain. EDEN 100% whole grain pasta is packaged in a yellow box. All are 100% organic.

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Udon & Soba Noodles

Seven varieties of organic EDEN soba and udon are made of the finest organic North American family farm grain. They are crafted in Japan for the Sobaya Company. Four additional EDEN sobas and two udons are imported from Japan. They are crafted by the Tanaka family who have been doing so since 1906. Like the Sobaya Company, the Tanakas use freshly milled grain, but a bit more sea salt. Another soba, EDEN 100% buckwheat soba is a bracing food handmade in Japan.

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