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  • Original Edensoy, organic

    Original Edensoy, organic

    Edensoy caused a new non-dairy liquid food category in 1983. It remains the only U.S. soymilk that is properly prepared to nourish human beings. Michigan made, Edensoy is real-organic ingredients, purified water, meticulous engineering, and 240...

    $4.61 - $51.44
  • Unsweetened Edensoy, organic

    Unsweetened Edensoy, organic

    Organic Unsweetened Edensoy has the highest amount of whole soy protein of any U.S. soymilk, 12 grams of protein per 8 ounce serving. It is an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to, or avoiding, sweeteners or gluten. It is used cup for cup to...

    $4.42 - $49.32
  • Vanilla Edensoy, organic

    Vanilla Edensoy, organic

    Organic Vanilla Edensoy is the only U.S. soymilk made only using real, pure vanilla extract, not chemicals. Edensoy, the original non-dairy liquid food, was introduced July 1983 in Denver. It created the new plant-based, nondairy liquid food category,...

    $6.43 - $71.75
  • Cocoa Edensoy, organic

    Cocoa Edensoy, organic

    Organic Cocoa Edensoy begins in the Dominican Republic where ethically managed organic cocoa is harvested, dried, and sent to Holland to be milled into traditional dark cocoa powder. Dark cocoa powder is richest in beneficial antioxidant flavonoids...

    $6.19 - $69.08
  • Carob Edensoy, organic

    Carob Edensoy, organic

    Organic Carob Edensoy with pure carob (St. John’s Bread) has the sweet, chocolatey taste of ground carob pods from the native Mediterranean, evergreen carob tree. Carob Edensoy soymilk is a joy either hot or cold. Thorough knowledge of soy...

    $6.36 - $70.97
  • Original Edensoy Extra, organic

    Original Edensoy Extra, organic

    Original Edensoy Extra is organic Edensoy fortified with the most biologically available vitamins and minerals. High maltose, unrefined malt sweetener helps make it appealing to all. Edensoy is U.S. organic family soybeans, grown and handled using no...

    $4.67 - $52.11
  • Vanilla Edensoy Extra, organic

    Vanilla Edensoy Extra, organic

    Vanilla Edensoy Extra is real-organic soymilk, the only one in the U.S. made using only pure vanilla extract; authentic, pure vanilla extract of Madagascar vanilla bean orchids. Vanilla Extra is fortified with the most biologically available vitamins and...

    $6.53 - $72.87
  • Edensoy Quart Sampler #1, organic

    Edensoy Quart Sampler #1, organic

    A sampler of three organic Edensoy, 1. Cocoa Edensoy, organic dark cocoa powder; 2. Original Edensoy, America’s finest soymilk; and 3. Vanilla Edensoy Extra, fortified with most bio-available vitamins and minerals in the only soymilk that uses only...

  • Edensoy Quart Sampler #2, organic

    Edensoy Quart Sampler #2, organic

    A sampler of four organic Edensoy, 1. Carob Edensoy, with sweet organic carob powder; 2. Original Edensoy Extra with added vegan vitamins and minerals; 3. Vanilla Edensoy, the only vanilla soymilk using only real pure vanilla extract; and 4. Unsweetened...

  • Edensoy Tote

    Edensoy Tote

    An American Original. Still the best. Organic, non-GMO, USA pure ingredients, and gentle unrefined sweeteners. Four flavors included for beverages, cereal, & baking. A canvas tote filled with authentic, organic goodness. Tote contains: Unsweetened...