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Rolled Flakes

  • Kamut Flakes, Organic

    Kamut Flakes, Organic

    Montana family organically grown Khorasan (kamut) wheat, gas fire roasted and rolled into versatile golden flakes. Hot cereal minutes. Mix them with oats when making oatmeal. Ideal for granola, muesli, grain bars, in soups, stews, salads, desserts, and...

    $9.29 - $103.68
  • Spelt Flakes, Organic

    Spelt Flakes, Organic

    Michigan family organic whole grain spelt, gas fire roasted and rolled into versatile flakes. Cooks in minutes. Ideal for quick porridge, muesli and granola, desserts, baked goods, soups and stews, sauces, and more. St. Hildegard said, 'Spelt is the best...

    $9.58 - $106.91
  • Brown Rice Flakes, Organic

    Brown Rice Flakes, Organic

    California organic short grain brown rice, gas fire roasted and rolled into delicate flakes. Perfect for quick breakfast porridge. Cooks in just minutes. Use it for creamy soups and stews, granola and muesli, in baked goods and confections. 100% whole...

    $11.01 - $122.87
  • Oat Flakes, Organic

    Oat Flakes, Organic

    Saskatchewan family organically grown, hulled, steamed, and rolled into quick cooking, versatile flakes. For quick hot cereal, creamy soups, stews, pie crusts, muesli, granola, desserts, grain and vegetable dishes, and baked goods. Cooks into hot cereal...

    $7.62 - $85.04
  • Rye Flakes, Organic

    Rye Flakes, Organic

    North American family organically grown whole grain rye, gas fire roasted and rolled into versatile flakes. Hot cereal in minutes. Ideal for granola, muesli, creamy soups, stews, desserts, pie crusts, and baked goods. Mix them into your oatmeal. The...

    $7.57 - $84.48