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  • Dried Tofu

    Dried Tofu

    Long ago a Buddhist monk left his tofu overnight in the snow and discovered a method of tofu preservation, freeze-drying. Frozen and thawed over twenty winter days outside, pressed, sliced, and air-dried. U.S.A. Non-GMO soybeans and magnesium sea salt...

    $12.41 - $69.25
  • Bifun (Rice) Pasta

    Bifun (Rice) Pasta

    Thin translucent noodles of 100% steamed rice. They cook in just two minutes. For light summer salads, nice in soups and pan-fried noodle dishes, stir-fries, etc. Delicious seasoned with Eden Ponzu or with Eden Soy Sauce, a dash of Eden Brown Rice...

    $6.31 - $70.42
  • Kuzu Pasta

    Kuzu Pasta

    Rare and efficacious 100% kuzu root starch noodles made of hand harvested wild mountain kuzu root. A traditional, balancing, translucent noodle. It soothes and strengthens. Kuzu noodles are great in dashi broth - a shoyu soy sauce kombu broth, in soups,...

    $13.69 - $76.39
  • Mung Bean Pasta (Harusame)

    Mung Bean Pasta (Harusame)

    Thin, translucent noodles made of 100% mung bean starch. They cook in 3 to 4 minutes. A popular noodle in Asia often used in soups. Their creamy, chewy texture adds delight to soups and salads. Delicious seasoned with Eden Soy Sauce, a dash of Eden Brown...

    $4.95 - $55.24
  • Dentie Tooth Powder

    Dentie Tooth Powder

    Eden Dentie Toothpowder is an ancient Japanese tooth, gum, and oral hygiene maintenance tool. Eggplants are washed. The calyx and a bit of vegetable is sliced away and this is sun-dried for about a week. The dried eggplant calyx is then slowly...

    $14.46 - $80.69
  • Bamboo Sushi Mat - sudare

    Bamboo Sushi Mat - sudare

    Multiple uses in addition to helping make professional looking sushi and nori rolls. Superior quality untreated bamboo strips bound with unwaxed cotton string for a flat, 9 1/2' x 9 1/2' flexible surface. Many homes have quite a few. Made in Japan.Our...

    $6.13 - $34.21