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  • Apple Butter Tote

    Apple Butter Tote

    Organic Apple and Apple Cherry Butter to enjoy and share. Enjoy and share the deliciously sweet tart benefits of organic, kettle cooked Michigan fruit. A timely and pleasing gift in a handy canvas bag that's great for lunches and snacks. Deliciously pure...

  • Baking Tote

    Baking Tote

    Baking Tote Description: Organic cotton canvas tote with 11 pure & purifying Eden foods to improve baked goods. Try cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, or waffles of deliciously unadulterated ingredients. A deeper satisfaction is guaranteed. EDEN Organic...

  • Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag

    Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag

    Attractive tote bag USA made of sturdy organic unbleached cotton canvas. Measures 10' wide x 7' height x 3' bottom gusset with 13' organic webbing green handles. The silk screen Eden design is printed with environmentally friendly green ink. Machine...

  • Dashi Broth Tote

    Dashi Broth Tote

    This product cannot be shipped to Canada. You need not go to Japan or even a Japanese restaurant to experience Japanese cuisine. The Eden Dashi gift bag provides you with all the ingredients, including dashi recipes, needed to create and experience...

  • Edensoy Tote

    Edensoy Tote

    An American Original. Still the best. Organic, non-GMO, USA pure ingredients, and gentle unrefined sweeteners. Four flavors included for beverages, cereal, & baking. A canvas tote filled with authentic, organic goodness. Tote contains: Unsweetened...

  • Fruit Tote

    Fruit Tote

    Eden Foods sourced from North American organic orchards and berry patches; tasty goodness nestled in a sturdy EDEN 100% cotton canvas tote bag. Six purely delicious fruit items with no refined sugar, coloring agents, or preservatives. Great for baking,...

  • Gluten Free Whole Grain Tote

    Gluten Free Whole Grain Tote

    Whole grains are essential, but most contain an insoluble protein referred to as gluten. Eden Gluten Free Whole Grain Tote makes it easy for the gluten sensitive to rest assured while enjoying a variety of healthy gluten free whole grains regularly...

  • Hummus Tote

    Hummus Tote

    A sturdy canvas tote bag holding 6 organic, traditional basics for chickpea hummus and black bean dip. Award winning Eden Beans in BPA, BPS, and phthalate free cans, extra virgin olive oil, Eden sea salt, sesame tahini, and tart umeboshi paste...

  • Matcha Tea Kit

    Matcha Tea Kit

    A high quality, very usable kit with everything needed to make a bowl of Matcha, organic green tea powder - handmade bamboo whisk and spoon, handmade ceramic tea bowl, organic stone ground Matcha, with instructional video and DVD. Upgrade life, whisk a...

  • Organic Cotton Canvas Bag

    Organic Cotton Canvas Bag

    The perfect tote for shopping, travel, picnics or the beach. An attractive, sturdy 18'x13' bag with a fold out gusset bottom, convenient front storage pocket and long shoulder straps. USA made of certified organic, cotton canvas and silk screened with...

  • Pasta Tote

    Pasta Tote

    A welcome, rewarding pure food gift for a holiday, wedding, housewarming, anniversary, birthday, etc. Eight certified organic and kosher Eden food items nicely arranged in an a durable 100% organic cotton canvas tote. An Eden Pasta Tote contains: Eden...

  • Picnic Tote

    Picnic Tote

    Essential sweet, mellow yellow mustard and zesty brown mustard. Traditional, old-style sauerkraut, and 4 nut, seed, and fruit snacks in an organic canvas tote for picnics or travel. Delightful taste and sure to please the picnic crowd. Delicious,...

  • Popcorn Bowl

    Popcorn Bowl

    Might as well have the best. America's all-time favorite snack food and a delightful whole-grain. This tasty snack food comes in an old style, enameled, red, Popcorn bowl. A charming gift with a touch of nostalgia and delicious food. Note Due to...

  • Salsa Tote

    Salsa Tote

    Seven delicious, pure foods in an organic canvas tote. Make salsa, tacos, and other favorites with unrefined oil, good sea salt, chef preferred tomatoes, and award-winning beans in BPA, BPS, and phthalate free cans. EDEN Organic Crushed Tomatoes with...

  • Snack Tote

    Snack Tote

    Snack Tote Description a gift of snacks that are pleasing and delightful. It is a welcome gift, anytime with a wide selection of pure tastes and textures. Eden Snack Tote is a durable, organic cotton canvas bag filled with an assortment of ten tasty and...

  • Sushi Tote

    Sushi Tote

    "Best Overall." A welcomed gift on any occasion - holiday, wedding, housewarming, anniversary, birthday, graduation, etc. Suitable for the sushi aficionado or novice. Thirteen items in a sturdy organic cotton canvas, gusseted tote with woven handles...

  • Tea Time Tote

    Tea Time Tote

    Hours of soothing relaxation, quiet reflection, and stimulated sharing are encouraged in these five organic teas. Green tea from the long organic Nagata plantation in Japan, rose petals from valleys of Bulgaria and Morocco, and mint and golden chamomile...