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  • Organic Matcha - Green Tea Powder

    Organic Matcha - Green Tea Powder

    A 30 gram can of the finest grade, organic, hand harvested, stone ground green tea powder from Japan. A cup of Matcha brings mental concentration, emotional stability, composure of mind, and physical well-being. Half the caffeine of brewed coffee. Fat...

    $53.63 - $299.26
  • Matcha Tea Kit

    Matcha Tea Kit

    A high quality, very usable kit with everything needed to make a bowl of Matcha, organic green tea powder - handmade bamboo whisk and spoon, handmade ceramic tea bowl, organic stone ground Matcha, with instructional video and DVD. Upgrade life, whisk a...

  • Matcha Whisk

    Matcha Whisk

    Skillfully handmade bamboo tea whisk in a handy two piece storage cylinder. Made from a single piece of bamboo split into 80 bamboo whiskers. The must-have utensil to whisk Matcha into a frothy beneficial brew. MORE DETAILS This untreated bamboo Matcha...

  • Matcha Bowl

    Matcha Bowl

    A handmade glazed pottery Japanese tea bowl. Made for the whisking drinking Matcha. Having an extra one for a friend is helpful. MORE DETAILS Unlike brewed teas that are steeped and then the leaf discarded, with Matcha the whole leaf is consumed,...

  • Matcha Spoon

    Matcha Spoon

    Handmade, untreated bamboo spoon to dispense matcha into a matcha bowl before adding the hot water and whisking; usually two scoops, about a gram. MORE DETAILS Matcha spoon, is made in Japan from a single piece of natural untreated bamboo. When cared...