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Apple Cherry Butter

  • Cherry Butter, Organic

    Cherry Butter, Organic

    Family orchard Michigan organic Montmorency Tart Cherries, four pounds in each jar, kettle simmered to tangy spread with no water, sugar, or additives. Long known as the 'pie cherry' and the 'healing' cherry, Montmorency tart cherries contain at least...

    $17.30 - $193.07
  • Apple Cherry Butter Spread, Organic

    Apple Cherry Butter Spread, Organic

    A blend of Michigan family orchard organic Apples and organic Montmorency Tart Cherries slowly kettle simmered with a bit of organic apple juice concentrate. Over four pounds of fruit in each jar - 84% apples, 16% tart cherries. Vegetarian Times 2010...

    $12.36 - $137.94