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Eden Mustards, organic - are stone milled Saskatchewan high plains yellow or brown mustard seed with raw organic Eden Apple Cider Vinegar and a bit of Eden Sea Salt. Yellow mustard is milder and sweeter, and has added organic turmeric, organic paprika, and organic garlic. Brown mustard is spicier with a pleasant mustard zing. Glass and convenient BPA free squeeze bottles with a twist spout.

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Gomasio - Sesame Salt

EDEN Gomasio, organic sesame salt is sprinkled on food in place of table salt for flavor and enrichment. Unhulled tan and black sesame seed are dry roasted to release their oil, and slowly ground with oven roasted EDEN Sea Salt. Eden produces five varieties of gomasio ~ Plain, Black, Black & Tan, Garlic, and Seaweed. All are rich, flavorful, low sodium condiments.

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Sea Salt

The finest EDEN French Celtic Sea Salt from the Isle of Noirmoutier, Brittany, France and EDEN triple seawater washed Portuguese Sea Salt from Algarve, Portugal that have supplied the world with sea salt for millennia.

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Condiments add flavor and nutritional richness to food. They aesthetically complement a dish and increase its inherent pleasure while stimulating and soothing the senses and appetite with an array of flavor, added antioxidants and minerals, and very commonly improved digestibility.

EDEN condiments are prepared with patient wisdom and praxis artistry. Every ingredient is Eden Foods selected and every one is declared on the label.

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