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Miso Tubs

  • Organic Mugi Miso

    Organic Mugi Miso

    Impressively umami delicious, Organic Eden Mugi Miso is a live culture, unpasteurized miso of non-GMO, organic whole soybean and organic barley, koji fermented in the traditional manner by a 170-year-old (since 1854) Japanese miso maker. Mugi miso is the...

    $9.33 - $52.17
  • Organic Barley & Brown Rice Miso

    Organic Barley & Brown Rice Miso

    Impressively umami delicious, this live culture unpasteurized miso is the result of koji fermented non-GMO organic soybeans, organic barley, and organic brown rice by a 170- year-old Japanese miso maker (since 1854). It is one of today’s most...

    $9.35 - $52.17