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Sea Vegetables

  • Arame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb

    Wild, hand harvested, shredded, cooked, and sun-dried. Add to sautéed vegetables, salads, tofu and grain patties, and baked goods. Sweeter and milder than its cousin hiziki, aka hijiki. Good source of beneficial fiber. Fat free and low sodium...

  • Hiziki, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb

    Only the prized tender black curls of the tips. Wild, hand harvested, sun-dried, steamed, and dried again. Rich flavor and delicate texture. Great with grains and in stir-fries and salads. Enjoy concentrated sea vegetable nourishment. It is fat free and...

  • Kombu, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb

    Tender fronds nurtured by Arctic currents off Hokkaido, Japan. Widely used in soup stock and 'dashi' noodle broth as a flavor enhancer. Add a piece to beans or root vegetables for improved flavor and a softer texture. Low sodium and fat free. Kombu,...

  • Sushi Nori, Sea Vegetable, 50 toasted sheets

    Handy toasted sheets for sushi, nori rolls, and rice balls. Versatile and popular. Ise Bay grown purity. Differences you can see and taste in its deep color, brilliant luster, and appealing sweet, mild flavor. Fat free, very low sodium, rich in vitamin...

  • Wakame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb

    Sun-dried from the environmentally protected national treasure, Ise (ee-say) Shima, Japan. Essential for miso soup and delicious in salads. It turns a happy bright green when soaked. A good source of magnesium. DETAILED DESCRIPTION Eden Wakame is...