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EDEN – Sale February 2024

EDEN Beans are canned and cooked at Eden Foods’ organic, kosher cannery in east central Indiana. They are prepared using methods perfected in home kitchens; pressure cooked after being soaked overnight, a beneficial essential that makes then easier to digest and taste better. Due to the rich, vital, organic soil that grows EDEN Beans, their strong condition allows them to be cooked without the need of untoward chemicals.

EDEN Brown Rice & Beans with Lundberg® short grain (SG) brown rice are excellent comfort food and recipe starters of the finest, purest ingredients that can be found. Brown rice and beans together deliver complete protein. They are the only canned rice & beans made in the U.S. or Canada. EDEN Beans are soaked overnight, blanched, and combined with Lundberg Farms organically grown SG brown rice, organic vegetables, herbs, spices, and a bit of EDEN Sea Salt. Thoroughly pressure cooked, just heat, serve, or use in your creations.