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Sea Vegetables

  • Arame, Sea Vegetable

    Arame, Sea Vegetable

    Wild, hand harvested, shredded, cooked, and sun-dried. Add to sautéed vegetables, salads, grain and tofu burgers, and baked goods. Sweeter and milder than its cousin hiziki. Good source of beneficial fiber. Low fat and low sodium. DETAILED...

    $13.41 - $74.83
  • Mekabu Wakame, Sea Vegetable

    Mekabu Wakame, Sea Vegetable

    The ruffled, flowering sprout of wakame just above the root. Wild grown, hand harvested, cleaned, sun-dried, misted with pure water, shredded, and dried again. To preserve its beneficial fucoidan, do not cook. Soak it twelve minutes and just add ponzu;...

    $10.89 - $60.77
  • Instant Wakame Flakes, Sea Vegetable

    Instant Wakame Flakes, Sea Vegetable

    This fine Japanese wakame is cultivated in the Naruto Strait between the Shikoku and Awaji Islands. Strong currents and whirlpools strengthen it. Washed, cooked, cut, dried, and ready to use without soaking right out of the bag for miso soup. Soak...

    $17.18 - $159.77
  • Kombu, Sea Vegetable

    Kombu, Sea Vegetable

    Tender fronds Arctic current nurtured off Hokkaido, Japan. Widely used in soup stock and 'dashi' noodle broth as a flavor enhancer. Add a piece to beans or root vegetables for improved flavor and a softer texture. Low sodium and fat free. Kombu, also...

    $11.28 - $62.94
  • Dulse Whole Leaf, Organic

    Dulse Whole Leaf, Organic

    Soft crimson whole leaf dulse with a delicious tangy flavor. The finest example of its kind in the world. Organic, wild, hand harvested from Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Summer sun and sea breeze dried. A refreshing and nutritious snack...