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Sea Vegetables

  • Agar Agar Bars, Sea Vegetable

    Agar Agar Bars, Sea Vegetable

    A traditional odorless, tasteless, sea vegetable gelatin comprised of eight varieties. Prepared and naturally freeze dried in the mountains using only winter freezes and thaws. Used in vegetarian 'gelatin' treats and in vegetable or fruit aspics,...

    $9.70 - $54.13
  • Arame, Sea Vegetable

    Arame, Sea Vegetable

    Wild, hand harvested, shredded, cooked, and sun-dried. Add to sautéed vegetables, salads, grain and tofu burgers, and baked goods. Sweeter and milder than its cousin hiziki. Good source of beneficial fiber. Low fat and low sodium. MORE...

    $15.21 - $84.87