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  • Instant White Miso Soup, Organic

    Instant White Miso Soup, Organic

    Freeze-dried Instant Miso Soup cubes - four 8 gram miso soup cubes per box. Each makes a nice serving in one minute. Just add 8 ounces of hot water, stir, and allow it to bloom for 1 minute. Traditionally made organic shinshu miso and organic ingredients...

    $12.11 - $112.62
  • Genmai Miso, Organic

    Genmai Miso, Organic

    A mellow, sweet, golden miso paste of Non-GMO organic whole soybeans and organic brown rice traditionally aged seasonal ambient temperatures. An all-purpose miso, great for every day use. Digestive enzymes, protective isoflavones, and fatty acids found...

    $11.87 - $132.47
  • Shiro Miso, Organic

    Shiro Miso, Organic

    The golden paste Shiro Miso is the sweetest, lightest, youngest miso, and is extremely popular in Japan. It has half the salt of other misos and is also called 'sweet white' or 'Kyoto-style' miso. It's ideal for warm weather as a seasoning, a dip, in...

    $11.59 - $129.34