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Nuts, Seeds & Mixes

  • Pistachios, Organic - 4 oz

    Pistachios, Organic - 4 oz

    California family organically grown pistachios, shelled, lightly dry roasted, and misted with Eden sea salt. Mildly sweet, they deliver 7 grams of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids per serving. Low sodium, 7g beneficial monounsaturated fats per...

    $12.74 - $177.72
  • Tamari Roasted Almonds, Organic - 4 oz

    Tamari Roasted Almonds, Organic - 4 oz

    Rich tasting, gas fire, infrared roasted organic almonds misted with Eden imported organic tamari soy sauce. Low sodium, rich in magnesium, and a good source of protein and fiber. Offers 8g beneficial monounsaturated fats and 2.5g polyunsaturated fats. A...

    $8.07 - $112.58