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Dried Fruits

  • Dried Apricots, Organic - 8 oz

    California family orchard organic, naturally dried, unsulphured apricots. Naturally sweet, earthy flavor and mildly tangy. A great snack right out of the bag or use in making desserts and baked goods. Naturally sodium free, an excellent source of vitamin...

  • Dried Mango Slices, Organic - 7 oz

    EDEN Dried Mango Slices Peru, small farm, a high altitude variety organically grown at 9,000 feet, hand harvested, peeled, sliced, and air-dried. Dried mangoes are delightfully delicious and prized for their smooth, creamy, sweet taste. A spectacular...

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    Dried Montmorency Cherries - 4 oz

    Eden selected 'transitional to organic' Montmorency tart cherries infused with organic apple juice concentrate, slowly dried, and misted with organic safflower oil to prevent clumping. No refined sugar, sulfites, or preservatives. Fat free, very low...

    $6.32 - $88.09
    $8.42 - $117.46