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  • Eden Shake - Furikake

    Eden Shake - Furikake

    A traditional Japanese condiment for grain, noodles, baked potatoes, cooked vegetables, popcorn, sushi, and more. It enhances vinaigrettes, salad dressings, and dips. Very tasty, very low sodium, low calorie. Dispenser cap. MORE DETAILS A ready-to-use...

    $7.77 - $86.71
  • Spicy Nori Strips, Sea Vegetable

    Spicy Nori Strips, Sea Vegetable

    A delicious healthy snack of thin toasted strips of premium grade nori sea vegetable that's coated with a delightful blend of seasonings. Great taste. Bet you can't eat just one. Fat free, very low sodium, and a good source of vitamin B12 with 15% DV...

    $8.07 - $90.06
  • Nori Krinkles, Sea Vegetable

    Nori Krinkles, Sea Vegetable

    Thin toasted strips of crispy green nori, mild and sweet. A healthy snack and versatile, fun condiment. Delicious eaten right out of the bag. At tasty addition to miso soup. Garnish grains, noodles, and salads. Very low sodium, fat free, and an excellent...

    $9.41 - $52.51
  • Dulse Flakes, Organic

    Dulse Flakes, Organic

    Sustainably hand-harvested and very low sodium certified organic, wild, hand harvested dulse sea vegetable from the shores of Maine. Sun-dried and ground into small flakes. Tangy flavor brightens grains, vegetables, salads, pasta, baked potatoes,...

    $14.26 - $159.14